Thursday, July 24, 2008

i hate santa monica and all that is 310

The westside fucking sucks. and I have to come all the way over here everyday for work. I don't care if its where the beach is, it's whack as hell. All the "bohemian" InDiE rich private school kids in fur coats and cheasy motherfuckers on the 3rd street promenade. I think the reason I never fit in at middle school was because the school was 1. it was on the westside 2. I am not like those fools. I remember the mothers who dressed like their 13 year old daughters in platform flip fops.

My side of town is cool because it's near hollywood, near downtown, silverlake, echopark, all the cool shit and venues clubs whatever. There is culture here, no culture what so ever on the west side. Just "indie kids" taking polaroids in tree houses. I'd rather not go to the beach a lot than live in a shitty, depressing area of LA.

Okay, it's not as depressing as the valley but it still sucks

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