Friday, August 29, 2008

Let's get P.O.D'd

So beautiful, probably my favorite Bone Thugs song. It sounds amazing even now that I don't smoke marijuana, I could listen to this song forever. It's like a love ballad for getting high and sounds pretty gay (you know, mara). I hope this song never leaves me.

Monday, August 11, 2008

rock steady

I went to rock the bells on saturday and it was definitely the highlight of my summer--complete satisfaction.

Here are my highlights in shorthand.
Got there around 3 and missed Rakim but made it in time to see some of De La Soul. Remained in the pit for a while. Everyone killed it. Black Eyed Peas came out as the special guest and it was awesome because they did songs from behind tha front and pre sell out fergie shit.Pharcyde was amazing even though they didn't play my favorite song, otha fish. Missed mos def to meet tribe called quest in the VIP tent. Used up my drink coupons while waiting in line. drunk when i finally met them, the best 5 seconds ever. Walked over to see if MF Doom was on at the 2nd stage and people were booing and said he was supposed to go an hour ago. Those people waiting were idiots and missed Nas to see a fake MF doom lip sync with a mask on and boo him off.
wait till 1:20 when fools start buggin out

Ran over to Nas while hearing all the jams, feeling amazing. Got back to our spot in the pit in time to see the rest of his set and tribe. Qtip came out and did some of his new album as well as sucka n---a and vivrant thing. Then tribe came out and everyone went crazy. Then it ended and I felt complete.

I got a lot of videos but all you can hear is the overpowering bass. Only two videos i took during Ghostface and Raekwon came out decent.

"ain't nothin ta fuck wit"


Method man and jamie kennedy kickin it oldschool in the background