Wednesday, July 23, 2008

best show on television

If you haven't discovered Baldwin Hills yet, you are fucking miss out.
I would definitely say this is the best show on TV right now. It's like Laguna Beach just not annoying white bitches complaining about other bitches and getting their nails done. This show is on BET on tuesday nights and it's the highlight of my week. Unlike Laguna Beach or The Hills this show is entertaining and fun.

The opening is so good. "Not all black people live in the hood, some live in big houses with amazing vistas. We are the sons and daughters of doctors, lawyers and athletes...This is the black Beverly Hills"

Watch out for Moriah, he is the sexiest.


Current jam: Touchtone
(right click save as this shit is a banger)

This is from Daedelus' new album: Love to Make Music to. It's fucking legit. More dancey, more R&B and hiphop. Paperboy is on a few tracks and I'm assuming it's the same paperboy who did Ditty, a jam from the early 90's.


And if you haven't discovered Skreemr
You need to because you can get almost any song without going on limewire (for us at work with firewalls)

ok thats it

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