Wednesday, March 18, 2009

it's over now, no problems in this world

I stayed in New York, depressed, walkin mad through the block
Watching brothers go down, my project friends smoking rock
My group divided and everything was undecided
I was drinking, thinking: "Damn, man, my boat is sinking"
Everybody's whack and new groups comin back
They on Arsenio, booty's on video
Watch this clown rhyme that's paid for on primetime
Everybody's mean, they're hard, they're killing mothers
Shootin bang bang, fakin man killing brothers
I had to turn off the radio from all the Walt Disney
Mickey Mouse and friends all talking pop and lippy
Girls excited for what? And over-infatuated
People got their brain washed and folks got manipulated
They start believing Donald Duck made the earth
The industry was cursed since the Dinosaur's birth

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